About us

Mira Film GmbH is located in Zurich (Switzerland). It was founded 2002 by Vadim Jendreyko and Hercli Bundi. Since 1990, Hercli Bundi and Vadim Jendreyko have directed, produced and coproduced several films for cinema and TV in Switzerland and abroad.

Since July 2016, Peter Zwierko is working for Mira Film as a freelance producer and production manager – after being a permanent employee from 2008 until 2016.

In 2012 Susanne Guggenberger joined Mira Film, she is responsible for marketing and international coproductions.

Since 2013 Nadine Forster is in charge of the backoffice.

Hercli BundiProduction, development, finances
Vadim JendreykoProduction, development
Susanne GuggenbergerMarketing, international coproductions
Peter ZwierkoFreelance Producer / Line Producer
Nadine ForsterOffice management

Kathrin Schmid


Mira Film is producing films with a strong commitment to form and content for cinema and television.

We produce films for an enquiring audience demanding focussed reflections on well-thought out topics.
We produce films which display an individual vision and authorship.

We initiate ideas and participate with authors, distributors and co-producers, supporting their common goals and contributing to their success.

Every film we produce has to widen our horizon. It has to change our view and in effect of that our life as well.