Geheiligtes Gebein

Nominated for the 1st Basler Filmprize 2009
Creative Documentary, 73 Min. and 57 Min. by Dominik Wessely


It was in the year of 1955 when 426 school girls from Basel, who all were named Ursula, did welcome a ship from Rotterdam carrying the golden bust from Saint Ursula. It contained her cranium – a relic to pay tribute to the "legend of Saint Ursula and her 11'000 martyrs". Until today her bones are venerated. Dominik Wessely follows this cult and asks why people still are moved by such faith and what complex discussions it does provoke.

Cast and Crew

Director: Dominik Wessely
Production: Filmtank
coproduced by Mira Film and WDR
Author: Hellmut Telge, Thomas Tielsch
Director of photography: Knut Schmitz
Editor: Annette Muff
Music: Paul Lemp
Sound: André Zacher, Andreas Turnwald, Reto Stamm
Producer: Thomas Tielsch
Coproducers: Hercli Bundi, Vadim Jendreyko


Funded by MFG Baden Württemberg and Basel Stadt /Basel Land, supported by the Römisch-katholische Kirche des Kantons Basel-Stadt and the Römisch-katholische Landeskirche des Kantons Basel-Landschaft

Creative Documentary, 73 Min. and 57 Min. by Dominik Wessely, Coproduction of Filmtank Hamburg with Mira Film and WDR, in collaboration with SWR, ZDF/Arte and Schweizer Fernsehen (SF)
© 2008 Mira Film
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