Scent of Stage (La Savur dil Palc)

A documentary by Manfred Ferrari. With Bruno Cathomas and Jürg Kienberger


While «Play! Don't Play» offers a detailed view of the different styles used by the actors Bruno Cathomas and Jürg Kienberger, the film "Scent of stage" focusses on their swiss origin and their rumantsch roots. Furthermore the film contains more material of rehearsals and stage-productions and develops the confrontation of the two protagonists in flash-interviews. "Scent of stage" shows in a lightly way the true character of two important swiss actors, who work on the most important stages in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Cast and Crew

Director of photography: Pierre Mennel, Tanja Trentmann
Sound: Thomas Gassmann, Patrick Becker, Thomas Kühn
Editing and production: Hercli Bundi
Production TvR / SF DRS: Mariano Tschuor und Thomas Beck


Supported by Ars Rhenia Stiftung zur überregionalen Förderung von Kunst und Kultur, Promoziun da la cultura Chantun Grischun, Familien-Vontobel-Stiftung, Biblioteca Engiadinaisa, Succès Passage Antenne


A documentary by Manfred Ferrari
Digibeta, 25 Minutes, a Coproduction with SF DRS, Televisiun Rumantscha TvR, Klanghotel,
© 2005 Mira Film
ISAN Nr. 0000-0000-DB3C-0000-D