A Documentary by Vadim Jendreyko, 53 Min., Produktion Mira Film und SF DRS


The film approaches top athlets on their tightrope walk between succes and frustration: On one side they are winners, national heroes, who deliver new records. On the other side they always reach the limit of human forces, they suffer setbacks and injuries. How do they manage to reach ceaselessly peak performances? What are the legitimate methods and means, when nothing counts more than success beyond the limit?

Cast and Crew

Directed and written: Vadim Jendreyko
Director of photography Pierre Mennel
Editing: Matthias Bürcher, Vadim Jendreyko
Sound: Hercli Bundi
Stagiaire: Amir Minder


Production: Mira Film im Auftrag von Schweizer Fernsehen DRS
World rights: Telepool GmbH
World premiere: August 2004
Original version: Swiss-German/French

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A Documentary by Vadim Jendreyko
© 2004, Digibeta, 53 Minutes, Colour, 16:9
ISAN Nr. 0000-0000-D93B-0000-5