The dispossessed


Documentary by Mathieu Roy, 90 minutes


An impressionist journey that sheds light on the daily strife of the world’s hungry farming class. In this era of industrialized agriculture, across the globe, people who produce food are paid less than almost any other profession. Part cinema-vérité, part essay, our film examines the mechanisms by which farmers are falling into a somber cycle of despair, debt and dispossession.


Cast and Crew

Director: Mathieu Roy
Screenplay: Richard Brouilette and Benoit Aquin
Producers: Lucie Tremblay, Vadim Jendreyko, Gabriela Bussmann
Backoffice: Nadine Forster
Cinematography: Nicols Canniccioni und Peter Mettler
Assistant Director: Nancy Marcotte
Location Sound: Patrick Becker und Christof Steinmann
Music: Daniel Almada
Editing: Louis Martin Paradis
Sound Design and Sound Mix: Magnetix
Colorgrading, Online: Ottoblix

Coproduction with Lowik Media Montreal and SRF/SRG
In cooperation with GoldenEggProduction


Documentary 90 min. by Mathieu Roy, Screenplay by Richard Brouillette and Benoit Aquin
Coproduktion with Lowik Media Montreal and SRF/SRG
In Cooperation with GoldenEggProduction


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