Marchesa – the dream of a home

TV-documentary by Hercli Bundi, 25 Minutes

Original title Rumantsch: "Marchesa – il siemi d'abitar"


The village of Domat/Ems has built a new quarter in the past 10 years. 200 single family houses have been built on an area of 400 x 400 meters. Especially young families did buy land from the Ems Chemie company, from the municipality, from the burgher corporation or from the church. They all wanted to realise their dream of a home.
In "Marchesa - the dream of a home", Hercli Bundi shows how the first residents settled the area. The film portrays four houses and their inhabitants. It shows the changes of a village, the life in private and outside on the streets. Around the Marchesa-hill, a district has grown which stands like an oasis in our time.

Cast and Crew

With the families: Fetz-Frei, Foffa-Oswald, Kohler-Pattis, Zarn-Werth
Director, editor: Hercli Bundi
Director of photography: Camille Budin
Aerial photography: Campilots, Holger Fleig & Emanuel Schwermer
Sound, assistent to the director: Peter Zwierko
Editing collaborator: Annette Brütsch
Online: Tweaklab
Colorgrading: Ramon Giger
Comissioner RTR: Bertilla Giossi


Feature Documentary by Hercli Bundi 
Coproduction of Mira Film GmbH and 
Radio Televisiun Rumantscha
HDCam, 25 Minutes, Colour, 16:9
© 2011 Mira Film / RTR 
ISAN Nr: 0000-0002-D55E-0000-L-0000-0000-B

With support of Swisslos Promoziun da la Cultura Chantun Grischun, Teleproduktions-Fonds GmbH, Vischnanca Burgaisa Domat

Thanks to Ballon-Service Chur Mara Mannhart, Cafe Marchesa, Brigitte Odoni, all inhabitants of the quarter Marchesa


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