Sugar, Home Sickness, Adventure

Pastiziers - Zücher, aventüra ed increschantüm

Sugar, Home Sickness, Adventure

A documentary by Manfred Ferrari. With Dolf Kaiser, Florio Pult, Lucia Nadin, Gino Zanin, Julia Holloway, Carla Schucani, Dora Grass, Giacomo Grass, Roberto Grass


As many ethnic groups in Europe, the inhabitants of the Swiss canton Grison have their own emigration history. But the promised land was not America. It was Russia, Poland, Spain or Italy. The ingredients of their emigration were poverty, sugar, home sickness, a pinch of pestilence and the desire for adventure. The result: The pastry makers. Thousends of young Grison boys left between 1600 and 1900 their valleys in order to become confectioners abroad. But why confectioners? Manfred Ferrari follows their trace and finds the last Grison dynasties of pastry makers in Italy.

Cast and Crew

Director of photography: Pierre Mennel
Sound: Matteo de Pellegrini
Editing: Heidi Odermatt
Production: Hercli Bundi
Production TvR: Mariano Tschuor und Felix Karrer


Supported by Promoziun da la cultura Chantun Grischun, Corporaziun dals cumüns concessiunaris da las OEE, Biblioteca Engiadinaisa
Thanks to: Archivio storico Stampa, Cafe Florian Venezia, Pasticceria Bucintoro Venezia, Comitato del Cimitero agli Allori Firenze. Cafe Sandri Perugia, Cafe Stoppani Bari, Peter Michael


A documentary by Manfred Ferrari
Digibeta, 24 Minutes, a Coproduction with SF DRS, Televisiun Rumantscha TvR
© 2004 Mira Film
ISAN Nr. 0000-0000-D7F2-0000-Z