TV-Documentary by Sarah Derendinger, 52 Minutes


The musician and composer Fortunat Frölich is traveling together with a Swiss choir to Morocco. He plans to perform  the intercultural project "Sing oh Wave" in Rabat, together with the Choeur du Maroc and their director Sanae El Amri. 

Fortunat Frölich puts two songs in the center of a composition, which combines polyphonic songs of the Swiss minority of the Rumantsch with ornamentations and quarter tones of the unisonous Moroccan songs. Each songs praises a river – on one hand the river Inn, which has its source in the Swiss mountains in the Engadine valley and on the other hand the river Bouregreg, which reaches the Mediterranean Sea in Rabat. Just as the lyrics in the songs reveal the cultural differences, it is also the face-to-face of the two choirs which makes clear, that Swiss and Moroccan conventions don't go along without attrition. 

The director Sarah Derendinger is accompanying the developing process of this project from the first rehearsal in Switzerland until the emotional premiere at the reknown Festival Mawazine in Rabat. The film gives an insight view into the Moroccan society, struggling with its own roots. With the help of music as a common tongue, Fortunat Frölich and Sanae El Amri work to overcome the gaps which separates them and their cultures.

Cast and Crew

With: Fortunat Frölich, Sanae El Amri, choR inteR kultuR, Choeur du Maroc
Director: Sarah Derendinger
1. DOP: Aladin Hasic
2. DOP: Sarah Derendinger
Sound: Jean-Pierre Gerth
Assistant to the director: Martin Cantieni
Producer: Hercli Bundi
Director of production: Peter Zwierko    
Production assistants: Philippe Favre, Ulla Wentenschuh, Vera Kovac
Director of production Morocco: Hicham Hajji, Mohamed Ouaglou
Editing and Soundmix: Manfred Zazzi
Colourgrading: EgliFilm
Music: Chanta O Unda, Komposition Fortunat Frölich
Commissioning Editors SRF: Anita Hugi, Urs Augstburger


TV-Documentary by Sarah Derendinger
Coproduction of Mira Film GmbH, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen and Radio Televisiun Rumantscha
HDCam, 52 Minutes, Colour, 16:9
© 2013 Mira Film / SRF / RTR 
ISAN 0000-0003-6AC2-0000-P-0000-0000-0

Supported by: Swisslos Promoziun da la Cultura Chantun Grischun, Teleproduktions-Fonds GmbH, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Succès Passage Antenne, Biblioteca Engiadinaisa, Corporaziun dals cumüns concessiunaris da las OEE, Maroc Culture

We thank all participants who helped to make this project possible. 


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Festival du film sur les droits de l’Homme IZERFAN, Rabat, 1. - 3. 07.2013