The Chimpanzee Complex


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Feature Documentary by Marc Schmidt, 75 Minutes
Award as best film: "for an uncomfortable take on the role of humanity in the world" at International Film Festival of Science and Technology 2015 in Moscow


After years in solitary captivity, the chimpansees in a Dutch rescue center must learn to live with members of their own species again. The caretakers who accompany this process, work towards a paradoxical goal: as people they try to let the animals be animals again.

Emotional confrontations and ethical issues emphasize the ambiguous relationship between man and primate. Is it possible to think beyond the boundaries of our human perspective when trying to understand another species?

Cast and Crew

Written, directed and filmed by Marc Schmidt  (
Edit: Katarina Türler NCE, Govert Janse at The Gentleman’s  Club (
Camera: Rogier Timmermans (
Music: Jasper Boeke (
Graphics: Rogerio Lira (
Image processing, colourgrading & mastering: Joppo in De Grot (
Sound design: Daniel Almada
Sound mix: DIE BASISberlin, Florian Beck (
Production managers: Eline van Wees, Edgar Kapp (
Producer NCRV: Yolande van der Blij (
NCRVcommissioning editor: Jelle Peter de Ruiter (
SRG SSR commissioning editor: Sven Wälti (
SRF commissioning editor: Urs Augstburger (
ZDF 3sat commissioning editor: Nicole Baum (
Producers Mira Film: Vadim Jendreyko, Hercli Bundi, Susanne Guggenberger (
Producer Basalt Film: Simone van den Broek (


Feature Documentary by Marc Schmidt
A co-production of Basalt Film and Mira Film with NCRV and SRG SSR, SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen, in co-operation with ZDF 3sat
Distributed in the Netherlands by Amstelfilm
With the support of Dutch Cultural Media Fund, CoBO, Netherlands Film Fund, Bundesamt für Kultur, Zürcher Filmstiftung

DCP, 75 Minutes, Colour, 16:9, © 2014 

Distribution Switzerland: Vinca Film 


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Festivals / Awards

International Science & Educational Film Festival 2015 St.Petersburg: Winner Best Film
Science & Technology Film Festival 360° 2015 Moskau
Antenna Documentary Festival 2015 Sydney
Festival Pariscience 2015 Paris
EBS International Documentary Festival 2015 Seoul
Open City Documentary Festival 2015 London
Scheffield Documentary Festival 2015
DocAviv International Documentary Film Festival 2015 Tel Aviv
Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2015
Solothurner Filmtage 2015 Swiss Premiere
CPH:DOX 2014 Special Screening, World Premiere