In Production

No Promised Land
Documentary 52 min. by Raphael Bondy
Coproduction with SRF/SRG and Zürcher Hochschule der Künste ZHdK

The Blue Note Project
Documentary 90 / 52 min. by Sophie Huber
Coproduction with SRF/SRG

Master of Disaster
Documentary 90 min. by Jürgen Brügger, Jörg Haaßengier
Coproduction with SRF/SRG and Filmtank Hamburg

Eisenberger – The Paint Is Broken
Documentary 90 / 52 min. by Hercli Bundi
Coproduction with SRF/SRG

Welcome to my home 
Documentary 90 / 52 min. by Maria Müller
Coproduction with SRF/SRG

In Search For Europe
Documentary 90 min. by Vadim Jendreyko
Coproduction with SRF/SRG and BR/ARTE

Revolution Revisited
Documentary 90 min. by Andreas Hoessli
Coproduction with Arte, TVP, Centrala (Poland) and TM (Germany)

Krieg in uns
Documentary 90 min. by Sebastian Heinzel
Coproduction with Heinzelfilm