Sonja Kilbertus



Having worked in the Austria and Germany film industry, I learnt to appreciate the Swiss financing and production structure a lot. It allows authors and producers to develop projects thoroughly in a collaborative process. I consider it a privilege to be able to work in teams in which each department contributes its creativity and ability at the highest level. We share the common goal to create a piece of art that is more than the sum of its parts. Considerate team communication and a collaborative attitude are for me the basis of an enjoyable and productive journey together.

Over the last years I have been producing films with themes of interculturality, about the relationship between humans and animals, (LAS HERMANAS DE ROCINANTE) and female strength (BODY OF TRUTH, AWALATJE – THE MIDWIVES). I am equally interested in geopolitical issues (OSTROV – THE ISLAND INSEL, URBAN GENESIS) told with a cinematic vision.

I am also interested in serial documentaries and new TV formats and in the intersection between film and political activism: “impact producing”. I joined the team of Mira Film beginning of 2020 and I am accompanying Adrian Kelterborn in the development of THOSE BLUE SKIES.