Re-Inventing Lesvos

A film by Sonja Kilbertus, Avra Georgiou & Marguerite Meyer


LESBOS - For some it's hell on earth. For the others, their paradise - which threatens to slip away. The consequences of the economic crisis, the "refugee crisis", the corona crisis and massive price pressure seem overwhelming, many are currently migrating from Lesvos. The film accompanies islanders who are aware that changes are also needed on their part if they want to keep their (adopted) home. They reflect on their communality and their own migration stories. They want to create a place that couldn't be more European in its diversity. And it should offer new residents a home and a sustainable livelihood. But European refugee policy is causing great frustration and appears to be undermining its goals. Inflation and price increases increase the pressure. With innovative ideas and a lot of work, can they create the "old paradise" with sun, beach and tradition transform into an island with a future?

Skript: Sonja Kilbertus, Marguerite Meyer, Avra Georgiou