Vadim Jendreyko

Producer, Author, Director


Do I still ask or do I already know? This distinction has gained in importance for me in recent years. A questioning attitude is the gateway to new territory, to understanding other things. Without it, no surprise, no wonder. Nevertheless it is sometimes exhausting, disturbing and irritating. In a knowing attitude one finds security and confirmation, but it limits to what has already been made accessible and supposedly recognized and tempts me to reproduce my view of yesterday. As a director, I seek the balance between these two poles. And the more I manage to make insecurity my ally and dance on smooth ice, the happier my work makes me. As a viewer, the questioning attitude of a director invites me to participate in his or her inquiry and experience. And as a producer and part of a production team, I see this as the key to real cooperation and further development. So much for knowing. The rest is the recurring challenge of implementation: Do I still ask or do I already know?