Susanne Guggenberger



Films that have had a lasting influence on me include Step Across the Border by Werner Penzel and Nicolas Humbert, Flying by Jennifer Fox and The Woman with the 5 Elephants by Vadim Jendreyko. Documentary films are fascinating in their aesthetic diversity and as a medium for exploring myriad realities. Since 2012 I have worked on films at Mira Film that have take a wide range of storytelling approaches and seek to find the best formal approach to their topics. Examples include, Everyday Rebellion by the Riahi Brothers, The Beekeeper and his Son by Diedie Weng, and Blue Note Records: Beyond the Notes by Sophie Huber. One commonality between these diverse projects is a team that supports the director and believes in his or her specific vision. It is deeply satisfying when our films trigger passionate responses from our audiences and that they are touched by the cinematic experience.

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