Ten Years

A film by Matthias von Gunten


10 YEARS is about four young people who are all setting out on their own lives: Pascal (17) has finished his apprenticeship as a baker in his parents' business and has to find out whether he wants to stay a baker and take over the business. Lucia (28) is at the end of her medical studies and now wants to become a doctor and later a psychiatrist. Victor (27), already a successful oboist, wants to become a conductor - like his stepfather - and Hanna (19) is about to graduate from teacher training college and wants to become a teacher.

Over the course of ten years, the film observes how the four pursue their life's ambitions, how Pascal discovers through painful experiences that he actually wants something completely different from what he originally thought, how Lucia is deeply disappointed by the reality of her dream job and still finds her way, how Victor, despite his unusual talent, cuts his teeth on his dream job and how Hanna learns to maintain the joy of her profession under the most difficult conditions. Again and again, the film asks them about their experiences and thoughts, so that they constantly reflect on their personal development, which is also reflected in their changing physiognomies.

On the one hand, there are enormous contrasts between the worlds and characters of the protagonists. But at the same time, more and more similarities emerge between them. They all have to learn how to deal with other people and take on responsibility - Pascal at work, Lucia with the patients, Victor with the orchestra musicians and Hanna with her students.

In the process, they are constantly confronted with the question of who they are and who they want to be - and how they want to live. In the course of the film, their stories connect more and more into a common story about the self-discovery of young people today who are looking for and gradually finding their place in life and in society.