The singing City

A film by Vadim Jendreyko


Singing in never-ending corridors; a refrigerator filled with blood behind the wig shelf; twittering fairies glide through the canteen; timpani, trumpets, and the omnipresent voice over the loudspeaker. Prompting, grand soliloquies and absurd dialogues. Every gesture counts. Below the stage, on massive hoists, a jubilant chorus floats upwards: «The Singing City.» The film uses Calixto Bieito’s Parsifal production in Stuttgart as its central theme, enabling viewers to immerse themselves into the complex world of a major opera house and observe the people in this mystifying world as they go about their daily work. Visions contend here with the reality of what is feasible: every opera a Babylonian endeavour and a veritable pleasure for the senses.

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«I wanted to observe how tensions, contradictions or limits influence humans and how they find solutions and compromisses. Are there losers and winners in such a process?»
Vadim Jendreyko, filmmaker

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  • Credits

    Written by

    Thiemo Hehl

    Vadim Jendreyko

    Thomas Tielsch

    Directed by

    Vadim Jendreyko

    Director of photography

    Lothar Heinrich

    Vadim Jendreyko


    Daniel Gibel

    Assistant editor

    Miriam Zimmermann


    Torsten Lenk

    Steffen Müller

    Sound Design

    Daniel Almada


    Florian Beck


    Matthias Behrens

    Production Manager

    Sönke Held

    Thiemo Hehl

    Assistant producers

    Julia Cöllen

    Jan-Peter Heusermann

    Production manager opera

    Anne-Kathrin Peitz

    Almut Benkert

    Assistant producer opera

    Birgit Meyer

    Editors 3sat

    Maria Kasten

    Sonja Schneider


    Thomas Tielsch

  • Technical Details
    Duration92 min
    Original LanguageGerman
  • Awards

    Basler Filmpreis 2011

    Bester Langfilm