The True Film

A film by Christina Zimmermann


Film theorist, sociologist and writer Siegfried Kracauer and his wife Elisabeth emigrated from Germany to the United States during World War II. While digitizing their estate, a historian is visited by “Friedel” and “Lili,” the couple‘s restless spirits. They want to prevent important docu- ments from their lifetimes passing into oblivion due to sketchy links in the database.  

How does one interpret a person‘s legacy? What is important for posterity? Visitors accompany the historian, Friedel and Lili to New York, Venice, and the Swiss Alps of the 1950s. On these travels they get to know the Kracauers and begin to comprehend the inconsistencies in the records they left behind, while the character of Elisabeth Kracauer makes the misrepresented role of women and wives evident to them.  

Visitors‘ personal interests and affinities determi- ne whether the interactive story focuses more on private or public themes; in doing so, visitors take up a position within Kracauer‘s circle of philosopher friends.  

Team Development:

Script, Creative Director: Christina Zimmermann

Producer: Susanne Guggenberger

Art Director: Juan Garcia

Historic Avatares, 3D-Modeling: Oliver Stephan

Network Visualisation: Adina Renner

3D Level Design: Jony Margelist

Game Design, Tests interactivity: Chris Elvis Leisi, Oliver Sahli

Sound Design: Thomas Baumgartner

First phase of development with Hochschule Luzern, Immersive Realities Team.