The True Film

A film by Christina Zimmermann


Siegfried Kracauer suffered from a speech impediment, but as a newspaper critic he was feared for his sharp tongue before he and his wife Elisabeth fled from the National Socialists and emigrated to the USA. A historian is now digitising his estate. Friedel and Lili, the avatars and restless souls of Siegfried and Elisabeth, appear in the archive and try to influence the historian in her work. Inconsistencies emerge in the circle of friends, which includes renowned philosophers such as Walter Benjamin, Theodor W. Adorno and Ernst Bloch. In the interactive exploration of THE TRUE FILM, we stumble across gaps in the legacy and the suppressed role of women in male self-representation.

A co-production of Mira Film and INVR.SPACE.

More Infos

  • Technical Details
    Duration25 min
    Original LanguageEnglisch, Deutsch
  • Awards

    DOK.fest München

    DOK.digital – award for new narrative formats