Football Inside

A film by Michele Cirigliano


FOOTBALL INSIDE explores the heart of football culture by turning the dressing room into the central stage. Putting on their jerseys, professionals, women, juniors and seniors slip into different roles for the duration of a game. The joy of the game unites everyone.  

Football is social, society-connecting activity also behind the scenes in the dressing room before the game, during the break and after the game. Professionals connect with juniors, seniors with women from National League A, Swiss with foreigners - and thus the team becomes a mirror for the diversity of our society. As important as winning the game are personal challenges: the fear of not being good enough, the search for a balance between altruism and rivalry, the awakening of a child's joy of playing and the communication with individualists with different backgrounds.

«Everyone is afraid. It is heightened nervousness before a task that could be a little too big for me. I try not to call this feeling fear, but positive challenge where I can grow, where I can only win and not lose.»
Marco Wiget, Vizecaptain SC Kriens

Technical Details

Duration80 min
Original LanguageSwiss German
SubtitlesGerman, English
ISANISAN 0000-0005-7040-0000-Q-0000-0000-X