Hercli Bundi

Producer, Author, Director


As a producer and dramaturg I am enthusiastic about films that appeal to a wide audience with a love of cinematic form. Through my activities as sound operator, editor and production manager I know film production from everyday practice. This helps me to focus on the essentials and to divide complex tasks into solvable individual parts. As a director I am interested in the interface between society and art. In my films with Christian Eisenberger ("Eisenberger" 2018), Ai Weiwei ("The House in the Park", 2010) or Not Vital ("Not Vital - half Man, half Animal", 2000) I had to deal with real artists. But I meet them as if they were actors whose task is to play themselves. Whether a person touches me on the theater stage, in feature films or in documentaries is irrelevant. What matters is that he touches me.