Two Rivers – Two Songs

A film by Sarah Derendinger


The musician and composer Fortunat Frölich is traveling to Morocco with a Swiss choir. He plans to perform the intercultural project "Sing oh Wave" in Rabat, together with the Choeur du Maroc and their director Sanae El Amri. Fortunat Frölich puts two songs in the center of a composition, which combines polyphonic songs of the Swiss minority of the Rumantsch with ornamentations and quarter tones of the unisonous Moroccan songs. Each song praises a river – on the one hand the river Inn, which has its source in the Swiss mountains in the Engadine valley and on the other hand the river Bouregreg, which reaches the Mediterranean Sea in Rabat. Just as the lyrics in the songs reveal the cultural differences, the encounter of the two choirs shows, that Swiss and Moroccan conventions don't merge without any attrition.

«Intercultural work is both a challenge and a fascination. A process that gets me deeper and deeper into the wonderful secret hineinführen that man sings songs in all cultures of the world.»
Fortunart Frölich

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  • Credits


    Fortunat Frölich

    Sanae El Amri

    choR inteR kultuR

    Choeur du Maroc

    Written and directed by

    Sarah Derendinger

    1. Director of photography

    Aladin Hasic

    2. Director of photography

    Sarah Derendinger


    Jean-Pierre Gerth

    Assistant director

    Martin Cantieni


    Hercli Bundi

    Production manager

    Peter Zwierko  

    Assistant producers

    Philippe Favre

    Ulla Wentenschuh

    Vera Kovac

    Producers Marocco

    Hicham Hajji

    Mohamed Ouaglou

    Editing and mixing

    Manfred Zazzi



    Original music

    Chanta O Unda

    Komposition Fortunat Frölich

    Editor SRF

    Anita Hugi

    Urs Augstburger

    With support of

    Swisslos Kulturförderung Kanton Graubünden

    Teleproduktions-Fonds GmbH

    Ernst Göhner Stiftung

    Succès Passage Antenne

    Biblioteca Engiadinaisa

    Corporaziun dals cumüns concessiunaris da las OEE

    Maroc Culture

  • Technical Details
    Duration52 min
    Original LanguageSwissgerman, French
    SubtitlesGerman, English, French